About us

Too much Nitts. 
That is the calling card of the Nitts collection. Whether you are justifying making the last minute trip to an away game, explaining why you were streaming the game on your phone in the bathroom of a fall wedding, or letting your boss know the reason for you not having a voice on Monday, the proper response is,
“I have too much Nitts in me” or more simply put, 
“Too much Nitts"
The Nitts collection was started by a 2020 graduate of Penn State University. His friend group was the type to all have nicknames so it was fitting when they gave a nickname to their favorite team, and that is how “the Nitts” was born. Since graduation the friend group is scattered all about the country, but the linking force that always bring them right back to a fall Saturday in central Pennsylvania, the Nitts. 
The Nitts collection brand is designed by fans, for fans. It is intended to embody the “Success with honor” mantra. Always honoring our tradition and past, while striving to be on the cutting edge of fashion and trends. Our marketing, logos, branding, product development and customer service will strive for this everyday with unwavering determination.
With that being said, the Nitts collection will only go as far as this great fanbase will take it. The possibilities of growing the brand are truly limitless. The vision of the Nitts collection is to eventually open a store front, provide NIL opportunities to athletes, host events for fans such as tailgates and meet ups, organize fundraisers to help beat childhood cancer, and much more. 
We ask you to join us in creating, building, and fostering this brand to be the best it can be, because at the end of the day we all have a little too much Nitts. 



Too much,
The Nitts collection
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